I want to volunteer, how do I get started?

There are two forms that help us set you up as a volunteer: the Albemarle County Public Schools form and the Hollymead PTO form. The Hollymead PTO Volunteer Registration form is our way of learning who is interested in helping in what area. The Albemarle County Volunteer Registration form is how the school district confirms that you are safe to enter the school as a volunteer and it registers you into the school’s computer system. The Albemarle County form is required for all volunteers who will be assisting with any school activities — including field trips! You must return the completed form prior to volunteering in any capacity. For security reasons, all volunteers must have a form on file and it’s best to do it at the beginning of the year and not have to worry about it later!


Why should I donate to PTO fundraisers?

Donating money to our school community helps your child receive the best possible educational experience at Hollymead.  All donations are tax deductible. A few factors have made our fundraising even more important for this coming school year: (1) Albemarle County Schools have had to cut spending due to budget decreases and this has impacted the availability of resources and programs at our school. (2) The PTO became tax exempt in 2014 for the first time. As such we are required to use a majority of our funds within the course of each school year and must build up our reserves again in order to fund current year activities. The PTO budget can be found at www.hollymeadpto.org.


Why should I put my contact information in the School Directory?

Each year the PTO creates and distributes a School Directory for Hollymead families. This directory enables parents to contact their children’s classmates for carpooling, play dates, birthday party invitations, etc. Hollymead staff is not permitted to give out any personal information, even to the PTO, without your permission, so this is an easy way to make your contact information available to your Hollymead friends.


What is the Hollymead Buzz?

The Hollymead Buzz is an electronic process for notifying parents of events and happenings at school and with the PTO. To sign up to receive the Buzz, visit http://lists.k12albemarle.org/hes/. Once you provide your email address, you will start receiving school messages. This electronic sharing of information assists Hollymead in supporting the Albemarle County-wide initiative to “Go Green.” If you have signed up previously for the Hollymead Buzz but never received it, check to make sure the email address is not blocked and contact smithchel2@k12.albemarle.org for further assistance.


What is HCE?

Hollymead Continuing Education (HCE) classes are offered in both the fall and spring to supplement student learning. These classes are taught by teachers and/or volunteers on a variety of subjects from knitting to cooking to dance and exercise. Classes are typically held for a 6-8 week period on Tuesdays and Wednesdays immediately following school dismissal. There is a nominal fee associated with each class to cover materials, etc. Parents must arrange for aftercare or transportation home from HCE classes for their child.


For parents who are new to Hollymead, look for our New Families Pamphlet with frequently asked questions, coming soon!