Fun Fair Raffle Baskets

1 – Mr. Berhnardt – Grab and Go Snacks – Animal crackers, pop tarts, graham crackers, goldfish and more.

2 – Ms. Dixon – Movie and Game Night – $25 Regal Theater gift card, Popcorn tub, popcorn bags, microwave popcorn, assorted candy boxes, $20 Game Stop Gift Card, Blokus, Yahtzee, Headbanz, You Got to be Kidding (card game), and Hands Down (card game), Money Money, Whiz Kids, $20 Gift Card to Riverside, $10 Gift  Card to Sweet Frogs.

3 – Ms. Kohlmann – Gardening Basket – Garden Scooter, $25 in Lowe’s gift cards, Mini Window Sill Garden Kit, (2) Watering Cans, Flower Pot, Gardening glove (Mens, Ladies, 2 pairs of kids), Gardening tools (trowels, cultivator, transplanter, weeder, pruner, etc.), Grow kits (strawberries, flowers, tomatoes), Flower & vegetable seed packets, Garden marker and other decorations, Knee mats

4 – Ms. Hunter – Family Fun – Creationary, 5 Bowling Games, $10 Sweet Frogs, $25 Which Wich, Ice Age Movie, Soul Surfer Movie, Barbie a Fairy Secret Movie, Skittles, Cotton Candy, Jump Rope

5 – Ms. Hinnant – Gift Card Basket – $135 in great Gift Cards – Sweet Frogs, Old Navy, Dairy Queen, iTunes, Kroger, Target to name a few.

6 – Ms. Shifflett – Home Movie Night – $20 Gift Card to Regal Cinemas, $5 in Redbox Movie Rental Codes, 1 bag Great Scott’s Gourmet Carmel Popcorn, 1 bag Great Scott’s Gourmet Cornfetti Popcorn, 1 box (6 bags) Pop Secret HomeStyle Microwave Popcorn, 1 Large Plastic Popcorn Tub, 2 small plastic popcorn tubs, 1 box Raisinets, 1 box Skittles, 1 box M&M’s, 1 box Starburst, 1 bag Twizzlers,  2 liter Coca-Cola

7 – Ms. Scheck – Virginia Naturalist Basket -   Go out in search of natural discoveries with your New retro 80’s JANSPORT backpack and Sharpies, Kor aura BPA Free Water Bottle, Eco paper notebook and Crayola twister crayons, Bushnell Binoculars, flashlight and map Compass.  Identify Virginia flora and fauna with 4 “A Pocket Naturalist Guides”, 2 Nature Series introduction to reading books, pocket magnifier, bug box and net and 3 dry sacks.

8 – Ms. Lindenbaum – Outdoor Fun and Games – $15 Gift Card to Dicks Sporting Goods, Striped 5 ft square Beach Blanket, Air Fun ~ 30″ Diamond Kite, 22″ airplane glider, G2 Air Flying Disc, Water Fun ~ 2 26″ tube water blasters, 500 water balloons, 25 piece Bubble Bonanza set, Miracle bubbles,  2 bubble batons, Ball Fun ~ ‘Cars’ bounce ball, plastic baseball/bat, 5 pack of baseball bases, 3 small soft footballs, Outdoor Fun ~ 4 jump ropes, bug keeper/magnifying glass, sidewalk chalk, silly string, M&Ms, Gummi Sour Poppers , Night time fun ~ Hi-Beam Sabre bubble wand with glow fusion bubble solution, 20 glowstick bracelets

9 – Ms. Russell – Creation Station – markers, foam shapes, paint brushes, art canvas, construction paper, glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, door hangers, pom poms, paper plate craft kit, mosaic magic kit, magic beads, watercolor pad, Fun frame, play doh, craft sticks, googlie eyes, glitter glue  plus ONE HOUR of ART with Ms. Foster.

10 – Ms. Anderson – Rainy Day Basket – Glow sticks, yo yo, chalk, I spy card game, Skip-Bo card game, puzzles, stickers, gum, paints, glitter glue, toy cars, crazy straws, and more

11 – Ms. Santana and Ms. James – ‘Hoos Spirit, Sports and Baking – UVA Beverage Tub, UVA lunch tote, Fold N’Go Sports Seat, UVA tattoos, UVA keytag, Orange and Blue Rolls of duct tape, a water bottle,  3 UVA t-shirts,  4 tickets to a UVA men’s baseball game, Orange Pomegranate candle, Bunny cake pan, 3 cupcake kits (Pirate, Fairy and Hello Kitty), Williams-Sonoma Dessert Cookbook, Oh My! Cookbook, Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie,  Cookie Sheet, 12 cup cupcake pan, Cupcake liners, 2 boxes brownie mix, cupcake box mix, Funfetti cake mix, Pumpkin bread mix, baking soda, 2 bags of beans, 1 bag rice

12 – Ms. Brown – Chocolate Indulgance – Hot chocolate mix, gourmet chocolate chip cookie mix, moon pies, 4 chocolate themed dessert plates, Dark Chocolate covered Thin Mints, Chocolate themed dish clothes, bag of Lindt chocolates, chocolate/peppermint drops, chocolate medallions, 2 extra large Hershey bars, 3 bags of Ghirardelli squared and $20 Starbucks gift card.

13 – Ms. Kress – Family Fun Night – board games, baja bean $40 gift certificate, cards, bowling passes, a dinner conversation game and more …

14 – Mr. Whitehead – Homework Snack Attack

15 – Ms. LaPrade – Super Science – large magnifying glass, pair of goggles, geyser tube, large pack of straws, 4 packs of balloons, Rubber gloves, excavation kit, helicopter kit, prehistoric excavation kit, empty film canister, vinegar, baking soda, tornado maker

16 – Mr. Santana – Gardening – Large Harvest Basket, Garden Wind spiral, Assorted Flower seeds, Brodiaea Seeds, Watermelon seeds, Small bucket, Strawberry Starter Kit, Basil Starter Kit, Water Spritzer, OXO Watering can, Wooden handle trowel (large), plastic kids trowel, 4 Seed starter kits, Garden Kneeler, Adult gardening gloves, 2 pairs of Kids gloves, Kids shovel set, lawn ornament, $25 gift card to Lowes, Roma tomato seeds from Mr. Santana’s trip to Rome, Moon Flower seeds from Mr. Santana’s private collection.  These seeds came from Latvia in 2001.  Enjoy the 8” – 10” flowers.

17 – Ms. King – Books and Candy – Mike and Ike’s, Sweet Tarts, Red Vine Licorice, Sour Patch Kids etc… The books so far include the Hardy Boys Series Set, The Lightning Thief, Prank Star and Come Back Here, Crocodile.

18 – Ms. Peck – Rainy Day Basket – Lite Brite Flat Screen, Puzzles, Brainteasers puzzles, 2 color Silly Putty, Crow a Capsule – Sea Life experiment, Hungry Hippo game, Face Paint, Glow in the Dark Shining Stars, Blokus strategy game, Toss Up dice game

19 – Ms. Hankins – Popcorn Party – Popcorn!  All shapes and sizes, Flavoring for popcorn, popcorn bags, Decorative Basket

20 – Ms. Kohler – Money Chest – Money, Money, Money

21 – Mr. Matriccino – M&M – All things beginning in M – Monster Wall Ball Game, M&M dispenser (2), M&M movie tub, monkey (singing), aromatherapy “Moo”, model magic, moosewood cookbook, map workbook, Mega Movie coloring book, Marmaduke DVD, Mall Cop DVD, Muppets Take Manhattan DVD, Monopoly card game (2), McDonald’s Gift Card $15, Marshall’s Gift Card $25, Milan Gift Card $50, Mike & Ike, M&Ms, Milk Duds, Maltballs, Marshmallows, Mints, Mentos, Milky Way, Milkbones, Muffin Mixes

22 – Ms. Gallagher – Snack Attack – Smore’s – giant marshmallows, Hershey bars, graham crackers, Ice Cream Sundaes – Sprinkles, sauces, scooper, themed bowls and spoons, Brownie Mix and Baking utensils, Tub of Party Mix, Popcorn, popcorn bucket, popcorn bags, Old fashion Coke in a bottle, Hot Cocoa, Chewy Dip Granola Bars, Strawberry Pop Tarts, Fruit Roll Ups, Vanilla Wafers, Chex Mix, Pretzel M&M’s, apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes, Lollipops

23 – Ms. Batchelor – Game Night – SORRY Revenge card game,  Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing book, Ant Bully dvd, Popcorn and popcorn cups,  Jolly Rancher Gummies and Jolly Rancher Sours, Whoppers,  Butter Toffee Caramel Clusters, Ice Cream Sundae glasses, Hot Fudge and rainbow sprinkles, Ice Cream scoop, SpongeBob activity book, SpongeBob Poster book, a big beverage tub

24 – Ms. Dodson – UVA Baseball Basket – A signed baseball from the 2011 College World Series UVa Baseball team, 4 Reserved Seats for the April 7, 4 pm baseball game vs. Wake Forest, 2 Baseball t-shirts, 4 navy bandanas, gift card for food at Davenport Stadium, baseball snacks galore and more!

25 – Mr. Briedis-Ruiz – Saturday Morning Breakfast – Muffin mix, biscotti’s, 6 varieties of pancake mix, 3 varieties of syrup, 101 things to do with Pancake mix book, nutella, tea, coffee, flavoring straws, 2 flavors jelly, $15 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, Peanut butter, OJ juice box

26 – Ms. Underwood – Gift Card Basket – (2) $10 Chik-Fil-A, $5 Barnes and Noble, $5 Target, $10 Dunkin Donuts, $5 Sweet Frog, Lunch for two at the Royal Indian Restaurant